WCW Retrospect Podcast


Episode 016 - WCW Hall Of Fame

June 29, 2018

Episode 016 of the WCW Retrospect Podcast is focused on the discussion around the WCW Hall Of Fame! I bet some of you didn't even realize or remember that WCW had a Hall Of Fame, but they did! David & Joseph will take you on a retrospective journey back to 1993 - 1995 when WCW had an annual Hall Of Fame ceremony in conjunction with the Slamboree PPV. Who were some of the most and least deserving HOF'ers in your humble hosts opinion? Download and find out now! Please take a moment to leave us a comment & a 5 star review on iTunes as that helps us drive more traffic to the show. Tweet us @WCWRetrospect & let us know what you thought of this week's show. As always, thanks for your feedback & support. Now, enjoy the show!