WCW Retrospect Podcast


Episode 018 - WCW Monday Nitro Episode 001

June 29, 2018

PastaMania is running wild on Episode 018 of the WCW Retrospect Podcast, Brother! This week, David & Joseph take a retrospective look back at the debut edition of WCW Monday Nitro! Listen as Joseph contemplates the legitimacy of Eric Bischoff's account of how the concept of Nitro came to be. What were some of the classic retailers listed as being featured in the camera shots at the Mall of America? How much of an impact did Lex Luger jumping from the World Wrestling Federation factor into getting Nitro off the ground? PLUS - faction warfare as it's North vs. South between your humble hosts! All this & much more. Be sure to subscribe at iTunes & while you're there, please give us a 5 star rating & leave us a review. Thanks for your support & now please enjoy Episode 018!