WCW Retrospect Podcast


Episode 028 - Interview with David Arquette

October 5, 2018

We. Are. Back. Baby.

That's right! The WCW Retrospect Podcast rides again! Episode 028 is an interview that David Andersen has been waiting to do for a long time and here it is, a conversation with former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, David Arquette! David shares with us his memories of Ready To Rumble, who he really enjoyed working with, his thoughts on Chris Kanyon, Shane Helms, Goldberg & more. David then gives us a glimpse into his WCW appearances to promote the movie, how he was pitched on winning the World Heavyweight Championship, his initial thoughts and his thoughts on the feedback he received. David gives us his true feelings regarding working with Vince Russo, why he walked away from the Professional Wrestling business & why he's back again in 2018. A great conversation with a great man. Follow him on Social Media - Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @DavidArquette & make sure you are following us across Social Media @WCWRetrospect. And now, please enjoy Episode 028 with David Arquette.